Lift enhancement for low-aspect-ratio wings with periodic excitation

K. Taira, C. W. Rowley, T. Colonius, and D. R. Williams

AIAA Journal 48(8) : 1785-1790, August 2010.


In an effort to enhance lift on low-aspect-ratio rectangular flat-plate wings in low-Reynolds-number post-stall flows, periodic injection of momentum is considered along the trailing edge in this numerical study. The purpose of actuation is not to reattach the flow but to change the dynamics of the wake vortices such that the resulting lift force is increased. Periodic forcing is observed to be effective in increasing lift for various aspect ratios and angles of attack, achieving a similar lift enhancement attained by steady forcing with less momentum input. Through the investigation on the influence of the actuation frequency, it is also found that there exists a frequency at which the flow locks on to a time-periodic high-lift state.

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