Feedback control of a high-lift state for a low-aspect-ratio wing

K. Taira, C. W. Rowley, and T. Colonius

AIAA paper 2010-357, 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting , January 2010.


The objective of this study is to employ feedback control to maximize time-average lift on a low-aspect-ratio wing by directly modifying the three-dimensional dynamics of the wake vortices. Flow control around such wing at post-stall angles of attack is numerically investigated at a low Reynolds number of 300 with blowing along the trailing edge. Motivated by the existence of time-periodic high-lift states under open-loop control with periodic excitation, the extremum seeking algorithm is considered for designing feedback control to lock the flow onto such high-lift states. Preliminary results are presented where the close-loop control is able to seek the optimal actuation frequency and yield high lift.

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