Lock-on to a high-lift state with oscillatory forcing in a three-dimensional wake flow

K. Taira, C. W. Rowley, and T. Colonius

Proceedings of the Second Berlin Conference on Active Flow Control , May 2010.


Flow control is applied to a three-dimensional post-stall flow around a rectangular low-aspect-ratio wing. Steady actuation is used to examine effective flow control setups that modify the vortex dynamics in the wake and achieve increase in lift. For one of the setups, oscillatory forcing is then used to examine the influence of actuation frequency. It is found that sinusoidal actuation requires less momentum to the flow field to achieve lift increase compared to steady momentum injection. There are two observed ranges of forcing frequency at which the flow locks onto period-one and period-two high-lift states. Discussions of the ongoing work on stabilizing separated flow about these periodic high-lift states are offered.

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