Control of a semi-circular planform wing in a "gusting" unsteady freestream flow II: Modeling and feedback design

G. Tadmor, D. R. Williams, J. Collins, T. Colonius and C. W. Rowley

AIAA Paper 2008-3977, 38th Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit , June 2008.


Active flow control has been demonstrated in Part I of this article to modify the lift, drag and pitching moments on a semi-circular wing during "gusting" flow conditions. The low aspect ratio wing, AR = 2.54, is mounted on a captive trajectory system that responds to the instantaneous lift force and pitching moment and the "gusting"" flow is simulated by a 0.2 Hz oscillation of the free stream speed of the wind tunnel. The mean chord Reynolds number of the wing is 70,600. Active flow control occurs along the leading edge of the airfoil, which contains 16 spatially localized micro-valve actuators. Details of the experimental setup, a quasi steady state lift model and results involving open-loop proof of concept validation are provided in Part I of this paper. Here we outline principles and considerations associated with close loop design that will be discussed in our talk.

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