Reduced-order model based feedback control of the Modified Hasegawa-Wakatani model

I. R. Goumiri, C. W. Rowley, Z. Ma, D. A. Gates, J. A. Krommes, and J. B. Parker

Physics of Plasmas 20 : 042501, April 2013.


In this work, the development of model-based feedback control that stabilizes an unstable equilibrium is obtained for the Modified Hasegawa-Wakatani (MHW) equations, a classic model in plasma turbulence. First, a balanced truncation (a model reduction technique that has proven successful in flow control design problems) is applied to obtain a low dimensional model of the linearized MHW equation. Then a model-based feedback controller is designed for the reduced order model using linear quadratic regulators (LQR). Finally, a linear quadratic gaussian (LQG) controller, which is more resistant to disturbances, is deduced. The controller is applied on the non-reduced, nonlinear MHW equations to stabilize the equilibrium and suppress the transition to drift-wave induced turbulence.

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