Control of forced and self-sustained oscillations in the flow past a cavity

C. W. Rowley and D. R. Williams

AIAA Paper 2003-0008, 41st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting , January 2003.


This paper presents a series of experiments aimed at model-based feedback control of oscillations in the compressible flow past a rectangular cavity. Zero-net-mass air injection is used with feedback from pressure transducers located inside the cavity to suppress the oscillations, and measurements of the shear layer above the cavity are made for both the natural and suppressed state. A system identification experiment is performed, and used to determine a linear model that describes the oscillations, and this model is used to derive feedback laws for acoustic suppression. The model accurately predicts the behavior of different feedback controllers, including frequencies where suppression occurs, as well as new resonant frequencies that may be introduced by the controller.

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